Stay tuned for Fall 2017 Paradigm Passes!

We are excited to announce a new way to get connected to Paradigm Gardens! This spring we're offering the inaugural Paradigm Pass...


What is it?: The metal card, hand-crafted by Adorn and Conquer is simply the physical manifestation of the Platonic ideal form that is the Paradigm Concert Series Pass. This card puts you in exclusive company and gets you in to every Paradigm Gardens Concert Series event this spring as well as some Paradigm lagniappe.

How many are there?: The Passes are very limited, ONLY 15 available.

How does it work?: Simply bring the pass to any Concert Series event, show it at the gate and voilà you're in! The pass is fully transferable, so if you can't make it you can pass it to a friend!

What do you get?: With purchase of the Paradigm Concert Series Pass you get entry to all 6 Concert Series events and you never have to worry about getting them online or the tickets selling out. Additionally, you get an exclusive Paradigm Gardens t-shirt and a honey bear from Paradigm Gardens' hard-working bees!

How much does it cost?: The Paradigm Concert Series Pass is $300

How do I get one?: Email us at