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Taco Tuesday @ Paradigm Gardens

Paradigm Gardens and the culinary juggernaut Coquette are putting on a Latin/Caribbean inspired taco night utilizing the finest local, farm-fresh ingredients and delectably unusual flavor combinations.  The cuisine will focus on Hispanic/Caribbean comfort food with a Southern gaze. We will also have delicious Latin drinks from Old New Orleans Rum and beer. Nationally touring band Funk You will be keeping it extra funky all night under the stars. 

Parking included. ***All Paradigm events are BYOB friendly***


  • Chips w/ assortment of gourmet salsas
  • Roast duck with hibiscus and bitter orange tacos
  • Grilled greens with fresh cheese and pumpkin seeds tacos
  • Pork belly and kimchi Papusas
  • Baby leeks with pecan romeneso
  • Molten cornbread 
  • Refried Cajun redbean dip 
  • Honduran cabbage 


  • Tres leches